About the Denver Police Foundation

Since the early 2000’s, The Denver Police Foundation, a nonprofit, charitable organization, has supported the Denver Police Department by providing for important program and equipment needs that are not possible through the ordinary City budget.

What We Do

The DPF raises funds for a variety of initiatives. Officer safety is the top priority. Other priorities include programs that prevent, deter, reduce and eliminate crime wherever possible, decreasing victimization.

The DPF supports needs for which government funds are not readily available. No funds are used to support expenditures for city personnel. Funds raised are used for specialized equipment, training, crime prevention and education programs to assist the Denver Police Department’s leadership efforts in law enforcement and crime prevention.

Our Mission 

The DPF’s mission is to act as an independent and unique funding and advocacy resource for the Denver Police Department to enhance public safety and law enforcement in the Denver community:

The DPF has identified four strategic initiatives to guide its efforts.

  • Broaden Community Outreach
  • Promote Officer and Community Safety
  • Advance Innovative Technology and Training
  • Increase Awareness of and Recognize Departmental Service


Learn More About the Denver Police Foundation

See more of the Denver Police Foundation videos here.

How You Can Help

As a non-profit charitable organization, the DPF can accept contributions that are fully tax-deductible. Donors may request that contributions be used for needs identified by the Foundation or for specific purposes and programs. Requests for anonymity from donors are honored. All donors are recognized in DPF materials for their support.

Funds raised support a variety of initiatives important to public safety, crime reduction and an improved quality of life for all residents.